Seinfeld leaves TBS for Viacom

Seinfeld has found a new home on Viacom’s cable networks. The news comes mere days after Netflix acquired streaming rights to the classic series. The deal will allow for Viacom to have exclusive broadcasting rights of Seinfeld via multiple of their cable networks.

Previously, the series was able to be watched on TBS with Hulu taking over the streaming. This, however, could have caused a divide in people wanting to keep the classic comedy on syndication. The show was and always has been on TBS, a company owned by WarnerMedia. Some are shocked it was shipped off as WarnerMedia, who owns the series, is in the process of forming HBO Max.

HBO Max already shelved out money to get both The Big Bang Theory and Friends on the platform. Albeit, both are owned by WarnerMedia.

Acquiring Seinfeld is a huge win for Viacom who will be streaming it across Comedy Central, Paramount Network, and TV Land. The one that will probably gain the most traction will be TV Land who already airs classics like King of Queens, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and The Golden Girls.

Viacom will officially be able to broadcast all 180 episodes of Seinfeld sometime in October 2021.