Musical A Christmas Carol brings together Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds

Musical A Christmas Carol brings together Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell may be teaming up in a classic Christmas story retelling. Slated as a musical, A Christmas Carol will star Reynolds and Ferrell. Daddy’s Home writers John Morris and Sean Anders are going to direct and write.

The musical A Christmas Carol has no studio announced just yet, but with such prolific actors attached, it’s hard to believe it won’t happen. The production, though, will be done by Ferrell’s Gloria Sanchez and Reynold’s Maximum Effort, and Mosaic.

This musical adaptation of the classic tale would be far from the first with variations coming in multiple forms. Bill Murrey’s 1988 comedy Scrooged, the Muppet’s take on the classic in The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. In more modern times, though, we had a slightly abridged 2016 adaptation in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic‘s A Hearth’s Warming Tail. A live one-man show by Simon Callow was also done in 2018.

Ryan Reynolds has been a pretty prolific comedian and actor having several notable releases. These releases include Fast and the Furious, Detective Pikachu, the Deadpool film franchise, and more.

Will Ferrell, on the other hand, is well-known with releases such as Anchorman, Zoolander, The Campaign, The LEGO Movie, Daddy’s Home, and more.