Stefanie Scott to appear in Hell House

Hell House: Insidious actress set to star

Insidious actress Stefanie Scott is set to star in the upcoming indie horror film Hell House. She will be joined by Odessa Adlon and Jess Weixler as well, according to Deadline. Gene Jones and Michael Abbott Jr. are also going to work beside the three actresses.

Following Dawn and Makayla, two high school students with a “complicated relationship”. The two go out and attend the grand opening of a religious-based haunted house on Halloween night and find themselves running from disasters as townfolks attempt to keep them separated.

Hell House has been written by Andrew Gori, who will also take up the director mantle.

The film is being co-financed and produced by Camera Ready Pictures. William Day Frank, Jamie Dolan, Dennis Masel, and Tara Ansley are taking on producer roles.