Could Doctor Doom get his own film now?

Could Doctor Doom get a film now?

Ahead of Disney’s Fox purchase, Noah Hawley was in the process of creating a film based on Fantastic Four‘s archenemy, Doctor Doom. While this was a known fact since 2017, it was left in the air when Disney took control. But, with Joker‘s current success, it may just happen one of these days.

The film was to have Doom tell his story to a journalist who was invited to Latveria, which is a country he sealed with a dome and rules. The film was meant to blur the perceived black and white lines between good and evil.

Hawley worked on other projects that proved him to be a successful filmmaker with projects such as Legion, Fargo, Lucy in the Sky, and more under his belt. Some fans aren’t as excited to see such a film, however, as Fantastic Four wasn’t necessarily the most well-received franchise out there when it came to films.

Marvel and Disney, on the other hand, appear divided. They simply haven’t done it, but even to this day, there is some level of hope. Joker‘s presales and award-winning nature indicate it to be a highly lucrative film and it’s not too surprising if they decide to dive back into the world of villain films.