Cruella origin film

Cruella nabs Killing Eve star to play alongside Emma Stone

Cruella de Vil’s origin story nabs Kirby Howell-Baptiste to play beside Emma Stone. Howell-Baptiste’s role has yet to be revealed.

Titled Cruella, the film will act as a way to show how the iconic puppy-napper came to be. Little is known of the story.

Lars and the Real Girl‘s Craig Gillespie will direct the project. Tony McNamara has taken the writer position as the one to have written the most recent script. Dana Fox wrote the prior scripts. Marc Platt, Andrew Gunn, and Kristen Burr are set to produce.

The film, as expected will be live-action, what appears to be a mainstay for Disney. Many can’t blame the company for following this method as it has proven successful for them. Aladin and The Lion King both reached a billion in the box office.

Howell-Baptiste has appeared on Killing Eve, Veronica Mars, The Good Place, and more.

Cruella is set to hit theaters December 23, 2020.